Technische Daten

Frequenzgang: 60 – 25000 Hz
Musikbelastung: 200 W
Impedanz: 4 Ohm
Gewicht: 7.5 Kg
Abmessungen (WxHxD): 268x500x90mm

The goal in developing WEBERN was to combine the technical benefits, functionality, and beauty of BERG with the maximum output capabilities possible at WEBERN´s larger, yet compact, size. The prescribed transmission function was specially designed to support the task with its “outside the driver parts” in the form of crossover filter components, and the use of dual fully shielded midrange drivers operating in parallel to provide for a breathtaking dynamic performance to delight every listener. They are accompanied by the handcoated silk dome tweeter, found throughout the line, of a totally new three-neodymium magnet construction, center drilled and chambered, utilizing a unique one-point decoupled mounting system. The combination of all these essential elements leads to maximum output with natural ease and clarity.