Subwoofer subson

Technische Daten

Frequenzgang: 20 – 100 Hz
Musikbelastung: 220 W
Impedanz: 4 Ohm
Gewicht: 26 Kg
Abmessungen (WxHxD): 638x400x215mm

The stunning authority of SUBSON increases every musical experience by providing extreme low bass, which in turn increases the dimensional scale of the soundstage, adding a greater sense of the recording venue, and natural body to every instrumental voice. SUBSON´s musical qualities are of first priority, and a subwoofer‘s ability to respond instantaneously and deftly to the smallest dynamic and pitch changes are vital to exploiting what true low bass extension can provide to enhance the total experience of reproduced music.
In order to achieve this level of musicality, it is imperative that the finest components be designed for use in SUBSON. The massive 12-inch Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) driver features an air-dried paper cone reinforced by carbon-fibres for ultimate rigidity. Together with the long-throw voice coil construction and zero-loss suspension it is able to handle with ease the lowest of frequencies at maximum output.