Technische Daten

Frequenzgang: 22 – 25000 Hz
Musikbelastung: 500 W
Impedanz: 6 Ohm
Gewicht: 72.5 Kg
Abmessungen (WxHxD): 218x1300x465mm

MAHLER is a no-compromise loudspeaker, created for state-of-the-art music repro-duction. After years of experience making the finest in affordable loudspeakers, attention turned to designing a product without limitations, using the finest components in a unique configuration. To say only that the design goals for such a speaker were high efficiency, outstanding dynamic range, excellent low bass extension, and ultra-wide bandwidth from a reasonably compact enclosure misses the larger point.
The MAHLER‘s overriding goal is to produce music on such a completely convincing scale that it will transform the listening room and transport the listener. To get insight of the combination of the outstanding drivers, the precise development of the crossover technique and the finest in manufacturing, please do not miss the feature page. The sinuous fusion of art and technology allows the speaker to blend aesthetically and per¬form harmoniously in any living space. All of the features combine to create the most exceptional characteristic of the MAHLER: the ability to bring the emotion of music home.