all in one Trio

Technische Daten

Frequenzgang: 70 – 25000 Hz
Musikbelastung: 180 W
Impedanz: 4 Ohm
Gewicht: 20 Kg
Abmessungen (WxHxD): 840x265x90mm

Vienna Acoustics redefined the performance expectations of on-wall loudspeakers with their new Schönberg Series. Finally, true high fidelity could be realized using loudspeakers that do not infringe upon your living space. Furthermore, Schönberg Series models BERG, WEBERN and SCHÖNBERG all feature low profile enclosures and a natural aluminum finish that make them ideal partners for use with wall-mounted plasma televisions. With this in mind, the engineers at Vienna Acoustics created TRIO.
Designed for individuals seeking a simple and unified solution for providing the Left, Right and Center channels in a surround sound system, without sacrificing sound quality. Sized, scaled and finished to cosmetically blend with virtually any plasma television when mounted beneath its screen. In this configuration excellent midrange articulation is achieved and a surprisingly wide soundstage is realized. Trio‘s superb channel separation and pin-point image localization rivals performance associated with more complicated systems. With Trio, performance blended with simplicity is accomplished.